CECOSDA's primary mission is to contribute to the achievement of sustainable development goals, by supporting organizations working for international and local development. Thus, with a view to contributing to the improvement of the living conditions of the populations through relevant responses to the many development needs and challenges, CECOSDA provides actors with skills in communication, research and training. Far from simple public relations or institutional communication campaigns to be deployed, it is about contributing to the development of communities, through the application of communication techniques recommended under the C4D. The success of such a mission relies on a set of realistic objectives, specific to CECOSDA and in line with the sustainable development objectives as described in the Brundtland report.


By making use of its expertise in communication for development, CECOSDA's main objective is to promote changes in the behavior of populations, to make them “eco-friendly” citizens. To do this, CECOSDA proposes to develop and make use of strategies and tools aimed at responding effectively to the many needs and challenges of sustainable development. By making available and applying knowledge, skills and attitudes likely to contribute to improving the living conditions of the populations, the Center aims to achieve the following specific objectives:

- Increase the effectiveness of sustainable development programs through communication for behavior change in order to guarantee societal sustainability for all;
- Make sustainable development more accessible and better understandable, share communication skills and knowledge, oriented towards solutions through publications;
- Improve the governance of action in the field of sustainable development, through increasing access to information and the exchange of knowledge;
- Guarantee a better use of the research of experts, researchers and other interested persons to develop and evaluate visions of a sustainable future;
Building an "Ecofavorable Youth"