As part of the deployment of its activities, CECOSDA is interested in three sustainable development issues: Water, the Environment, and Food Security. There is indeed a very close link between the preservation of the environment and these themes. Thus, sustainable development contains a set of requirements. From these, we note that the improvement of the vital needs of present and future human communities is achieved through access to water, education, health, employment, and the fight against hunger and malnutrition.

The water

Water today is a precious commodity with high stakes. Its scarcity and pollution put it at the heart of sustainable development issues. In the quest for sustainable development, it is a question of supporting actions promoting access to water (drinking water, irrigation water, etc.), while respecting the principle of equity.

Food safety

As FAO points out, the environment, as it relates to sustainable agricultural development and food production, is a huge challenge. Food security therefore encompasses the accessibility, availability, quality and stability of the food supply.

Environmental protection


The effects of environmental degradation (increased incidence of natural disasters, increased flooding and drought, increased risk of conflicts linked to the management of increasingly rare resources, etc.) are already evident and the urgency is with the action. Climate change represents another major threat to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. It is therefore urgent to promote, through communication, an active synergy around the preservation of the living environment and development of humanity.