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CECOSDA supports your organization with:

-  Operational research;

-  BCC communication strategies;

-  Communication materials;

-  Storytelling and best practice;

-  Operational communication plan;

-  Video designing and documentary;

-  Website designing and content management;

Our missions and objectives



The mission of CECOSDA is to contribute to the attainment of sustainable development objectives by working with institutions and organizations concerned with sustainable development issues. To that end CECOSDA intends to jointly develop communication, research and training strategies to ensure that development efforts have a more significant impact on the targeted populations. The Centre therefore looks forward to playing an increasingly important role in communication and knowledge generation, as well as availing skills to address the numerous development needs and challenges in an adequate manner, all of which would help improve the livelihoods of populations. The Centre is development-oriented in terms of application of recommended communications techniques within the framework of C4D. The success of such a mission relies on a series of realistic objectives adopted by CECOSDA, in line with the sustainable development objectives outlined in the Brundtland Report.



Through the involvement of its expertise in communication for development, CECOSDA sets as main objective to support institutions and local and international communities to achieve their sustainability goals. To do this, the CECOSDA intends to develop and leverage strategies and tools to effectively meet the various needs and challenges of sustainable development. Through the provision and application of knowledge, know-how and know-being enabling to improve population’s living conditions, the Centre proposes to achieve the following specific objectives:

  • Support programmes through communication in view of behaviour change;
  • Make sustainable development accessible and understandable, and share results-oriented communicative skills and knowledge through publications;
  •  Improve access to information and share knowledge to step up sustainable development efforts;
  • Ensure better use of research results;
  • Emphasize the educative and training aspects of sustainable development.




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