UNESCO, through its International Program for the Development of Communication (IPDC), supports provision of greater exposure for grassroots’ environmental information as CECOSDA wins UNESCO grant to run green alert network



The Center for Communication and Sustainable Development for All, CECOSDA has received financial and technical support from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, UNESCO through its International Program for the Development of Communication. The grant is aimed at funding a one-year project geared towards the training of community journalists on the new objectives of sustainable development, and the networking of community radios for the availability of environmental information in Cameroon.


The support which comes to enhance the success of CECOSDA’s Green Alert Network (GAN) is a welcomed relief for this center which has been instrumental in communication since 2011.


Green Alert Network is one of CECOSDA’s flagship networks that aims at bringing together community radio journalists spread over Cameroon’s ten regions and charged with the task of making environmentally-worthwhile information from these communities known to the world. It is a dynamic network for reaching rural populations and for informing stakeholders and other decision-makers on the ecological situation of remote villages, particularly with focus on environment, water resources, food security and climate change.


GAN members are community journalists who specialize on environmental issues in rural and urban communities covered by their radios. Reports or information received from these journalists are published on the GAN’s website and shared by email to all institutions and organizations that implement sustainable development programs.










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